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Why is my Bluetooth headset not properly functioning with the ZTE Majesty?

All audio files, from voice memos attached to chats to songs on YouTube, will cut out when listened to w/a BT headset. Have tried 3 diff brands & 4 models & all units worked fine when test paired w/hubby's IPhone 4. ZTE Majesty specs say it supports Bluetooth 4.0 & A2DP profiles. Can't seem to find one w/those. Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated!

Hi Kim, can you tell us what you mean when you say the audio "will cut out" when listened to with the Bluetooth headset? Have you gone through the steps indicated in the user manual to pair the headset with your phone, and have you tried using it to play music through the Music player app? Let us know so we can help you figure out what's going on here and fix the problem.

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