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Which phone has the best reception in Abbotsford?

So, currently I'm using a Sony Ericsson T616 on ATT / Cingular network living here in Abbotsford and I'm trying to get a phone with better reception. Anyone got any suggestions?

nicklfire: I believe that you are entirely correct on this, and Anonymous, I would highly recommend a CDMA phone in Abbotsford by either going with Bell or Telus (there should be no difference between the two). Because of soft handoffs in the CDMA network, your phone will always look for the best signal, and should have few dropped calls. Moreover, Bell is completing the installation of three more cell towers in the Abbotsford area in the next couple of months to improve reception around Mount Lehmann and other areas of Abbotsford.

I disagree with Cy. I am on Telus and my wife has a motorolo v60 and I have the LG6070. My phone is always dropping calls and hers doesn't. There has to be differences with the phone. With my phone there are many small dead spots near Abbotsford and it is not in depressions.

Hey dude,

Just to throw some stats out to you telus has less than a 2% dropped call rate which is one of the lowest in the country. Telus works off a cdma network where as cingular works off probably gsm i believe.... Because cdma is far supierior it gives the means of soft handeling.. (when driving between cell sites the transition is alot smoother on cdma) on cing you move between cellsites and get a hard handoff which usually is the cause of your dropped calls. Incase you didnt know if you do go with telus they have a very large local calling area, meaning you can call vancouverr from your cell phone just for normal minutes.. no long distance..

If you want some more information i'm sure i can set you up with a phone and answer more of your questions.

Email me if you like.

It's really hard to grade the reception signal with a phone..the phone just has whats in it, it's the provider's signal that's important. Sorry to burst your bubble meatloaft, but sometimes, happens to me often, something feels like it's working/performing better because it's new or clean, imo it's more of a psycological feeling.

If you are not strapped down with a contract, I would shop around and see who has the best coverage, and who has coverage in basements, parking lots, underground, places with no windows..usually they all say they will, but in reality, even the company with the best coverage drops calls here and there. Different providers are for different users.

If you want a new handset and stick with Sony Ericsson, check out the Z520a, i'm using it now and it's been serving me well.


I don't know about that particular location or that particular phone, but I went from a Nokia 6230 to a Nokia 6682 and my reception just about doubled at my home. I'm in a small rural area... I mean I can't even get cable, DSL, or any of that stuff... lol.

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