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I am absolutely smitten by Google Pixel 5. I know, it's plastic, it looks boring at the back, it doesn't feel like a premium phone. The thing is, it's not trying to be a premium phone that's meant to go toe to toe with the likes of Samsung and Apple or even Vivo for that matter. What Google is good at is software and that made the phone amazing despite its ugliness. I just love how honest it is yet extremely competent performance wise.

OnePlus 8 Pro was my MVP for the year as clean UI is still king for me. Samsung and Apple do have some restrictions with their software which helps OnePlus' case. Having a clean Android OS is still a great thing to have and I love transitioning experience from OnePlus phone to another because it is seamless without any issue. Hopefully, OnePlus can retain a competitive price with premium specs.

The OnePlus 8 Pro was awesome as it was a mix of good pricing compared to the the other flagships. Of course, there were a lot of good phones across the board with the Samsung and the iPhones are still awesome but the OnePlus is still one of the best choices for the majority because of its affordability and clean system. Having the OnePlus design is good too as they have one of the best design teams for smartphones.

Hello, I love this phones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

You need to check this phones features and specifications.

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