What is the best prepaid plan available in Winnipeg MB?

    how much should i first pay?

    i ussed to have Rogers but I found out that PETRO CAN has their own mobility plans. You must get the plan from online, but you can buy the airtime from Petrocan gas stations, that sell the cell phones. There are 2 unlimited plans, the first is 39.95 and tax which is 41.25 and you get unlimited incoming texts, 25,000 outgoing texts, unlimited local minutes, and 10,000 minutes canada long distance. The second plan is 49.95 and you get unliited incoming texts, 25,000 out going texts, unlimited local minutes, and unlimited internet browsing, and the 10,000 long distance in canada. If you top up before your month expires you dont have to go online to renew. And you can use it anytime, and cancel when you want. Check it out at http://mobility.petro-canada.ca/en/features/531.aspx?linkid=homeplan4

    You can check all pre-paid plans available for Winnipeg here in our website.
    On the Cell Phone Plans page, use the filters on the right hand side.
    - switch Availability to Winnipeg, MB
    - click Prepaid as Payment Type
    - click Update Results

    All available prepaid plans in Winnipeg will be displayed and you can even compare 10 plans at a time by selecting the plans (click + to select) and click on Compare Selected.

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