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Being treat like a fool - Virgin Mobile Canada?

Being treated like a fool - Lies, false promises and false allegation.

On the 14 of June 2012, i have sent my HTC-Z10 mobile phone to your department of reparation. I'm sorry about my bad english but i'll do my best to make myself to most understandable.

I've waited 3 month for my phone being repaired, and during this time , Virgin Mobile gave me two temporary mobile phones. The cheapest phone the was able to gave me, a very small and basic Samsung phone. So after this long time of waiting, i've received my phone non repaired, still broken with a working sheet telling me that it was not a Blackberry (i own an HTC Sensation Z710A till the 6 of January 2012, they have no idea about it) and there were errors in serial number. Three months to gave me this answer, three month of total lack of professionalism to send me my phone as it was before, still broken. It was the 13 of September.

The repairment company known as Future Tel have this reason on the papers that they give me with my broken phone : "Wrong serial number". They wait three months .... to tell me ..... that they didn't have my old blackberry 3G ......and instead of that they had my HTC 710 A (Incredible S) phone, bought on the 6 of January 2012.

How come ... a company can assume that .... a Blackberry, who doesn't exist anymore till years ..... can be something to repair in 2012 ............. with a guaranties ???

So not only they were thinking that they had to repair an old five year old blackberry in 2012 ??? Why they've been waiting so long to sent it back to me, three month of waiting for a stupid serial number. I can't believe it.

I called Virgin Mobile Canada to know what was the point, why they could tell me that before, why it took so long to make me know that there were a serial number problem. The agent who respond me told me to call during the day cause the department for this kind of situation was closed. That what i did i called the day after and they told me that they will make something for that. So i wait for their solution for weeks.

On the first of Octobor at 13:13:00 , i made a call, i've been blocked, and i was sent to Virgin Mobile Credit department. The clerk at the phone told me that i have to pay 720.00 dollars to have my phone online again. I didn't understand anything and i was asking again and again what was the reason of so many dollars. The guy at the phone kept telling me, calmly, and like it was perfectly normal, that i have to pay 720.00 without giving me any reason till he found that i had to pay the two temporary mobiles phones that i had from during the "repair" time. I said to the guy on the phone that i was waiting for a solution and that's why i kept the phones. I had no idea about anything.

So he transfer me to the a department that i do customer department and i talk with a black man who ask me some question about my situation. I told him that i received my still broken phone after 3 month of waiting and he said : "We don't repair mobile phone twice and you will receive a new mobile phone with a new guaranties. That was still during this call i made on the first of October 2012. He asked me the serial number of my phone, () i told him also the serial number that i have on the repairment sheet made by a company named Future Tel. This serial number is : ############ the repair order was ##########.

So as this guy told me i will have my phone at the end of the week, during the 6 of October 2012. The week after i called Virgin Mobile to ask when i will have my new mobile phone number and the told me that i should have it near Friday the 12 of October. I didn't received it so i called today and the clerk told me exactly the same thing : You should have it before Friday the 19 of October 2012 and i said "Wait, wait, wait, wait, each week i called during the past three weeks i always have the same response.

So i ask to talk to the manager. Her name is Chantal, she told me that she never knew about this new phone replacement, that she didn't have nothing about that, that she didn't have any ways to verify what i told. So during weeks all the clerk especially the first one who told me that i'll received a brand new phone with a brand new guaranty was the biggest liar and each week every clerk lied to me telling me that i would received my phone on the next friday. And now i was consider as someone who was lying ??? As someone who didn't told the truth ?

I sent my phone for a fix the 14 of June 2012, i received a broken phone, unrepaired, still as it was before three months after. I've been treated like a fool, like a liar, like someone stupid. A lot of peoples made a lot of lies telling me things that they didn't even knows. And now what i can do. Telling that everything is ok.

I just want to be understood, i'm someone who hate being treat with lies and hypocrites. It is unacceptable for a known company like Virgin Mobile Canada to accept these kind of behavior. I can't accept being with you, i can't accept to be with a company who doesn't have enough pride and respect to be a company of trust, of professionalism, and with a minimum care about their customers.

Till the end of the week, i will seriously think to break my contract with you, i don't wan't to be the target point of a company who treat me like a fool. You are with Bell, and if it is the reason, i understand partially why there is so much hypocrisy.

So i'll call you tomorrow and i'll ask for truth.


André Hallé

Virgin Mobile Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Mobility.

Do i have rights ? Not at all, how can they be so bad, so cold.There is no way out, now i begin to think that they are managed by Bell. This a very Bell way of being to have this kind of response.

Thank you so much Grindale. I'll do it right now. I appreciate it a lot thanks !

Hey Andre. We appreciate you sharing your experience with Virgin Mobile. If you can please post it in the review section of Virgin Mobile Canada so more people can read it. Go to the Virgin Mobile Canada page and click on Write your own review. There, you can rate their service from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

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