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Is Fido going bankrupt?

From what I hear, Fido has been giving such good rates and plans because they’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Is this true?

hey, even though rogers bought us out, we're operating as 2 sepearate futureshop and bestbuy.. all oru phones and rates are still is cusomter service.. it's actually benefitial for fido customers cuz for the same prices we pay, we can use rogers' network..:D..think positive!..and sign up before teh end of february, you get the first 3 months free on rogers' network, after that, just a monthly payment of $5 to use it..and if you dont need ot, dont add the is still fido to me..

Fido expanding? They will be part of the Rogers family VERY soon. :twisted:

Yeah... Fido went through hell a while back, but now they are smarter when expanding. They will not make the same mistakes.

no it's not. Fido wasn't doing too good Christmas of 2002, but it's all fine now. The only reason why they came out with the 24 Month Fido Agreement is because people just get teh phones and get rid of it in 3 months.thus Fido isn't making money.. might as well add that Fido will not be bought by someone else... so many people think they will, but find it annoying when people say yeh..

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