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How to fix bad Wi-Fi reception on the ZTE ZMAX?

i have tried updating my phone and restarting and restoring the factory setting but still the wifi connection is horrible and goes out of range when I am right by the router. please help!

I unmounted my SD card and the phone began to work just fine with the internet. But I have a ZMAX 2 but check the SD cared if you used one. I've read that they can be corrupted which can cause problems on your phone.

my girlfriend and i both have this phone and its the worse phone either of us have ever had!!!!!

My won't connect to wifi either. I've put the correct password in dozens of times. Reset the phone. Reset the router. Nothing. If anyone has a solution, please help.

Simply restart the phone it will do the trick. I had the same problem as you and nothing helped but when I restarted the zte the wifi was suddenly connected.

Hmm.. I suggest you guys take it back to the store where you bought it and have experts check it. Because so far, you 2 are the only people I see having problems online. Take it back just to be sure.

The wifi on zmax is pretty terribly on finding service

Does this happen to other phones? If yes, then it's probably the router having the problem or you have to tweak the settings. If no, then I feel that your phone has a problem, I suggest taking it to the store where you bought it.

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