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How to disable adaptive brightness on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

-- About my Phone -- MODEL NUMBER: SM-G521F Android version : 5.1.1 Using versions: KNOX, Kernal version. Rooted: Yes --------------------------- I want turn off Auto Brightness but my phone is low battery and no adjusted brightness. I am beginner to using Samsung Phone however, my friend is also same my problems. By charging does work for can be adjusted brightness but if without charger this cannot be adjusted brightness. Please find the solution. Thank you.

My wife and I have a Grand Prime, same firmware version. Hers is brighter than mine. On my Display setting I see an upper-case A next to the brightness icon. She does not have it. I'm assuming it's indicating there's an Auto Brightness setting somewhere but darned if I can find it.

any ideas on how I can disable it and get my screen as bright as gets?


Hmm.. I checked a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and it doesn't have auto brightness settings. You will have to manually decrease it.

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