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Has anyone had problems with the Audiovox 8920 regarding reception?

Anybody having any problems with this phone. I am on my second one now and the reception is terrible, it keeps cutting out and doing some funny things. HELP ANYONE!!!!!

Battery lasts about 24 hours if I don't use the phone. I have replaced the phone twice and sent it back to the manufacturer 3 times, and they claim there is nothing wrong. Quite frankly, the phone is a dud.

anyone have battery problems or how long it says charged for ??? MTV Movie Award Updates

i have the same problem with the phone so ur not alone i just took mine back n got a different phone all together. :?

On the picture size u can take up 2 a 1280x960 pic which isn't all that great, unless u have good lighting n even then the picture u get is all 2 grainy and looks washed out, dull. What sucks is u don't get enough memory space 2 store alot of pic at that the highest res. Poor camera phone in th long run. :?

Hey Just wondering how the pictures are on this phone, what size can it take a good picture at?

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