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Has anyone had issues with the Audiovox 8615?

I'm thinking of getting an Audiovox 8615 from Virgin Mobil and was wondering if anyone had any bad experiences with the phone.

what provider are you with and is that a new phone you just purchased? Generally you will need to contact your service provider to make certain settings on CDMA phones.


I'm like phone illiterate, so like it says on the main screen programming required, I can do all the stuff just I have to look at this message... how do I program then? Thanks in advance!

I ghot mine through best buy and knockl on wood it is a great lil phone I have no complaints so far about it overall usage and all that. Just wish that they woyuld have included the datacable and software with it. That is the only thing that is missing from it. I'm a techie over here and have like a tone of phon numbers that I have here that I would love to enter into the phone itself. Its ashame that they didn't include it with the phone. Since it would made it easier to entering them into from the computer to it. THe games and other things are not as important for me. But I would probably gotten around to it and included some things for it as for some homeade applications for it too. Since it is all java based applications.


I think the phone is great for the price. I got it at Futureshop for $79... and it comes with $10 of free airtime. The also have a great referral program where you can get $10 of extra airtime if you get a referral code from an existing Virgin customer before you activate the phone. I can send you a referral if you email me at virgin.referrer AT gmail DOT com, just make sure that you email me BEFORE you activate, otherwise the referral code is useless to you.


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