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What to do with annoying problem on the LG Shine Touch?

I've had this phone since the end of may and didnt have any problems with it. But now for some strange reason, whenever i have to put two of the same letters together like for "see" or "hello", etc, it changes the two letters to either the same letter with different accents or strange symbols depending on which letter it is! And as you may be thinking, i just have have it set on a different language other than english but i dont. It says english! its not a major problem but its so annoying and it drives me crazy! Any ideas would be appreciated :) Thaanks in advance!

T9 Predictive Text may have been turned on. Set your Input Method to Abc Manual mode instead. If this does not help fix your problem, you can reset your phone back to its default factory settings or you can choose to upgrade your software to the latest version.

If none of those still doesn't work, the best thing to do is bring your phone back to the store you purchased it from or an authorized LG care center to have it fixed.

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