How to stop Wi-Fi turning on & scanning constantly on the Alcatel Pixi 4?

How can I stop my pixi 4 from constantly turning on its wifi? I have a PAYG phone & have data credit usable there already. I DON'T need it forever turning itself on, searching for a service I don't have or use & needlessly draining my battery!

Neither do I want a phone I have to keep checking deveral times a day in order just to RE-turn off a service I don't use!

Please let me know there is a way to stop this, as there are no advanced settings for the purpose. If it can't be turned off, I'm afraid I'll never buy another alcatel product again.

But hey, what did I expect from a google-based phone. Sigh.

Hi Danny. Do you have any utility app that has something to do with internet connection? I'm guessing one of your app may be doing this specially if this doesn't happen before.

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