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Alcatel Go Flip 3 car bluetooth problem

It was easy to pair the device with the car but every time I start the engine I have to take the phone out of my pocket and give the car 2 authorizations before I can use the bluetooth. Since I do deliveries for a restaurant, this is an impossible situation. Can this problem be overcome such that I turn on the car and I'm good to go? If not, is there another flip phone that won't present this problem? I don't need internet connectivity (I had it blocked). Just phone calls and texts

David Amyotte
David Amyotte
David Amyotte

Hi Ralph,

I only got as far as you have.  By following the car manual I removed the obligation to give 2 authorizations each time. Since, when I start the car for the first time, sometimes the problem doesn't present at all and I'm good to go. But as soon as I get to the restaurant, stop the engine, the problem comes back when I restart the motor. Go figure. I have also spoken to the manufacturer. They say " There's now way to remove it. Get over it".  It's funny because an earlier version of their flip never did it. On the positive side, I'll retire in a little over a year and my problem will go away. Someday the phone will die and I'll be more careful with a replacement.  Regards.


Did you ever get this resolved. I have the same issue with a new Alcatel Go Flip 3. Very annoying to have to open the phone (however briefly) to be able to make outgoing calls. Incoming calls work but that will not activate the “whatever” to make outgoing calls.. until you open the phone.

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