Why does my Doro PhoneEasy 612 alarm occasionally even without setting one?

I've never set the alarm but it goes off from time to time even when the phone is switched off.  Occasionally the alarm icon appears even though I haven't set it.  Any thoughts

My alarm also self sets , supplier changed phone but new one also has same fault . 


I got the same problem in Doro liberto 820,which I bought for my mom.This constantly stesses her,because one time in 2-3 weeks allarm turns on everytime she is in the shop. And I can't find the reason of alarm. It is not set on.

I'm sorry that we can't find the real cause. If you have time, I suggest that you have your phone checked as it will be easier to find the problem if you have the phone on hand. With regards to smartphone, yeah, it might drive you crazy at first. But as you use it, I'm sure you'll find it easy to use specially with tons of apps you can download for all your needs.

Nice try but the calendar's empty.  I guess that the phone has a fault and I'll just have to live with until it's time to throw it away.  Pity, because it's such a simple and easy phone to use.  I think a smart phone would drive me up the wall.  Thanks for your efforts Carl

Hmm.. Have you tried checking the calendar? Maybe there are events set there that sets the alarm.

No, there are no unread messages.  I'm pretty sure that wouldn't cause the alarm to go off, it would just show a small envelope on the start screen but thanks for trying.

Hi Des. Can you check if there are unread messages in your phone's inbox?

Totally random and it happens about once every 2 or 3 weeks

Hmm. That's odd. Does it alarm on any specific time only or totally random?

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