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Which phone model is ideal for temporary use?

I had not planned to get a cell phone (famous last words) but as I am taking a road trip from victoria BC to Quebec i thought it could be useful.

I am not however cellfone savy.

And I'm not sure I want to keep a cell phone after the trip is over (at least not if it requires monthly payments).

I'm not sure how the fees work?
If I get a phone here in Victoria, is every call I make outside victoria is going to cost a lot?

So what I am looking for temporary use; low cost; good reception etc.

any suggestions?

I f you buy a cell phone out right or now someone that was an extra you could use it and not go on contract. You probably should look into a long distance plan so you don't have to worry about all the long distance and you can keep intouch with home.

unfortunately, i have not found a place which opperates with a temp cell phone service.
I currently work at bell mobility.. and the best i would recommend is working on a pre-paid system. For example..
Samsung 660 - 150$ .
You ARE buying the phone outright.. (no instore discounts for pre-paid) BUT the price also includes a 30$ pre-paid card for your phone (lasting for 30 days AFTER you install the card on phone) and the 15$ fee that you would have to pay..

The samsung has great reception (i have one) and comes in cool colors as well. You just purchase cards as you need them. if you don't use up all the time on the card, then STILL add another card before the 30 days is up, and your minutes will carry over into the next month. if you don't add another card you will lose the minutes (since they expire)

Make sure you are getting a TRI MODE PHONE. This means that it operates on a city digital, country digital and analogue service. if you are getting bad reception on your phone during your trip and not near a city, force the phone into analogue mode and you will be good to go!

Other phones from bell to check out (all pre-paid)
-motorolla 341 - 99$ (basic phone, no fancy stuff...) not a flip phone
-Nokia 6585 - 150 FM radio built in, not a flip phone
-Samsung a660 - 150 - basic phone, some pretty colors, flip phone

Now.. the 3 phones listed above are TRI mode, and are pre-paid (meaning including the 30 card and 15 fee!!!)

I must make it clear that ANY cell phone can be used on the pre-paid plan.. take the price of the phone (regular) and ADD 45$ to the price (30$ card to start and the fee).. A customer would choose to make anther phone pre-paid if they were looking for aditional features, like camera etc

be sure to ask about the 2 year extended warrenty. it is worth the 29.99 when you purchase a phone... (only thing it doesnt cover is Physical abuse to the phone and water damage)

best about the pre-paid is the you can just stop using it.. and when you want to spend money on a card to use the phone.. you do! Complete control. With Bell Pre-paid phone service there is no contract...

hope this helps!


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