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Which Fido plan is cheap and doesn’t require a contract?

hi i was wondering if neone could help me out here....ok im going to be goin to kitchener ont for a few months to do something with my partner for work so while im up there im going to need a cell phone in which him and I can get ahold of eachother so if anyone knows of any plan which you dont need a contract and is pretty cheap maybe something like you only pay so much a month for 2 people on one plan if someone could help me out with this it would be great thanks..

With Fido be sure to note that both phones must be on the "Fido to Fido" plan in order for calls from one Fido phone to another to be free. Everyone I know thinks "Fido to Fido is free" means that every Fido cell phone in the local area can call every other Fido cell phone in the local area for Free.
Both phones must be on their own "Fido to Fido" plan for these calls to be free.
With Fido just cause it sounds like it is free doesn't mean it is free. Okay?

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