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6UT1 - number is not in service - BUT IT IS IN SERVICE

Just transferred a koodo mobile number over to Fido. Transfer has been completed. All should be good, but its not. Anyone from a cell phone can call my cell number and there is no issue, but if a person try's to call my cell number from a landline, they get the 6UT1 - number you have reached is not in service. Fido's 2 techs could not figure it out and get it working for me. I hope someone else has an idea on what the problem could be and how I can fix it. Do not tell me to get rid of my landline. My landline is used for all the calls that i make to the United States and it is a lot cheaper than what a cell phone charges for it. My son needs the landline to call me when im at work in case of an emergency. No he does not have his own cell phone.

Hi Sheryl. Can you try calling your number with 1 or +1 in front? I read from other experiencing the issue that kinda worked for them. Also how long has it been since you transferred? Maybe it takes a while before everything work smoothly.

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