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Nice soundbox

HTC One (M9)

from Notebookcheck (23 days ago)

HTC tries to keep old strengths with the One M9 and does not really change the design of its flagship smartphone. The speakers still create a very good sound, but the latest version once again reveals problems in respect of the reworked camera. The battery runtimes could be longer as well.


The iPad-Killer blueprint

Google Nexus 9

from SlashGear (28 days ago)

This device is great, but it might not be meant for you. If you're a developer and want to keep up with Google's Android builds, starting with Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, then this is the tablet you're looking for.The Google Nexus 9 made by HTC comes in several different iterations. You can purchase it... More

Newer, but not much better

HTC One (M9)

from Android Community (about 1 month ago)

Hardcore fans of HTC will love this phone (and it feels like HTC was simply trying to make that fanbase happy, honestly). I can only say it’s likable and solid. Unlike last year, where I could make a really strong argument for the One M8 being the best Android phone around, the One M9 won&rsqu... More

Solid but flawed

HTC One (M9)

from AlphaBeatic (about 1 month ago)

The HTC One M9 is a good, solid phone, but I can’t help but feel like it has been tweaked away from last year’s greatness. The camera is especially a sore point – one the company needs to address or risk falling behind the pack.

The One’s final form of evolution

HTC One (M9)

from G Style Magazine (about 1 month ago)

The HTC One M9 is truly a great refinement of the HTC One line, and the last one I hope to see in this form for the line. While yes if you got a great design you don’t need to change it, but after a while even a great design needs a new look. The M9 is again a great looking device, easy to use... More

A highly-rated, well-constructed smartphone

HTC One (M9)

from Android Guys (about 1 month ago)

I was thoroughly impressed with the software experience in this phone even though I didn’t love every aspect. While I do tend to prefer a more stock Android experience, I was not quick to hide or turn off the HTC stuff that comes out of the box.Those who are graduating from the first or second... More


HTC played it safe and still managed to screw up

HTC One (M9)

from Droid Life (about 1 month ago)

So yeah, you probably don’t want this phone. It’s heavy, awkward to use, has a pretty poorly put together design, an unimpressive display and camera, less-than-average battery life, and doesn’t include any sort of game-changing or lust-worthy features that other smartphones don&rsq... More

More stylish, more concrete and more intelligent

HTC One (M9)

from Mobile Magazine (about 1 month ago)

HTC One M9 is undoubtedly better than its predecessor, but the fact that we cannot afford to compare it with the other brands like Apple or Samsung is certain. The designing is beautiful, the screen is amazing, the sound is soothing and the performance is compatible with speed. Our only concern is r... More

Still the most beautiful phone in town

HTC One (M9)

from What Mobile (about 1 month ago)

It’s clear that the HTC One M9 is an outstanding smartphone. As the first major release of 2015, HTC has a natural advantage in getting its product onto the market unchallenged. Right now, the phone is unassailable. Still, we can’t shake the feeling that in six months’ time HTC mig... More


The One M9 is effectively a sidegrade of the One M8 at best

HTC One (M9)

from AnandTech (about 1 month ago)

Overall, further testing of the One M9 basically confirms my fears, which were that the One M9 is effectively a sidegrade of the One M8 at best. I really did want to like this phone, as I still find the One M7 to be a great phone to use. I really wanted to see a phone from HTC that was worthy of an... More

Worst phone I have purchased..............

HTC Desire 626G+

(4 days ago)

Worst phone I have purchased..............It's been only 10days I have purchased this and it's auto reboooting...Pathetic HTC.....U lost ur valuable customer....Baddddd


I hate this phone

HTC Desire 510

(9 days ago)

As a user of this phone for just under two months now I couldn't be more dissipointed. The screen us temperamental and that's putting it nicely, so far it's take me at least 10 minutes to write this review as the screen often clicks on things nowhere near where you have touched. The camera is poor q... More


Worst Phone I Have ever had


(29 days ago)

Have had for 1.5 years. Battery awful. Does not last a day. Useless for business phone. Miss a lot of calls. Lousy email setup. Had issues with software and hardware. Useless to repair. Did I mention the battery is awful. Joke of a phone. Not very rugged. Cannot see screen outside. Camera awful.To... More




(5 months ago)

It's extremely fast, beautiful and robust.


A great device worth revisiting

HTC Desire 601

(5 months ago)

The HTC Desire 601 was basically everything one could ask for in a midrange smartphone. LTE, BoomSound, and HTC Sense are all features to be desired, along with a battery life that exceeds expectations (even if slightly). It does suffer from some drawbacks, such as a low resolution, no Beats Audio... More


I love this phone because of performance and 64-bit beast inside it

HTC Desire 820

(6 months ago)

Pros:- 1.power house performance with qualcomm snapdragon 615 with A53 64bit architecture. 2. 2gb ram 3.slim build sense 6 UI 5.future proof 6.good battery 7.13 mp camera primary camera and 8 mp secondary camera it for 24000 indian rupees~389.04dollars 9.boom sound cons 1.not a great c... More


Its amazing phone better than apple i4 just there is a problem of battery backup

HTC Desire 516

(7 months ago)


It has everything I need

HTC Desire C

(9 months ago)

This is my second smartphone and I love it, its so user friendly. I would change a few things on the camera, it doesnt take very good pics, but all in all gives me everything I need.


It's not just bad, it doesn't function as a phone


(about 1 year ago)

Never in my life have I seen a phone as utterly useless as this one. Fresh factory reset, ZERO apps installed and after a couple of weeks it starts to hang for five, ten, twenty seconds. Restarting doesn't help. The most embarrassing moment it caused me was at a meeting. I forgot to silence it and... More


Best QWERTY available

HTC Status

(about 1 year ago)

This phone has THE BEST Qwerty keyboard of any phone I've ever handled - and I still say so after 2 years of owning it and handling the newest Blackberry's. Great "clicky" feel, and the spacing and size of buttons is perfect - even for my man hands. I LOVE that it has the 4 arrow keys for navigati... More


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