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Full version of Windows on a smaller device

HP Stream 7

from Notebookcheck (5 months ago)

Users in the market for a Windows tablet with outstanding battery life but with a modest budget should take a look at the HP Stream 7. If other qualities matter as well, the decision might be more difficult: the camera modules, for example, are mediocre at best and although the display is bright, th... More


A productivity-focused powerhouse tablet

HP ElitePad 1000

from Laptop Magazine (6 months ago)

The HP ElitePad 1000 gives professionals looking for a Windows 8 tablet an IT-friendly solution with a sharp 8-MP camera. But the competing Lenovo ThinkPad 10 provides a better optional keyboard and longer battery life for less money. If you have more money to spend, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offe... More


Morphs into anything with the right case, for the wrong price

HP ElitePad 1000

from Digital Trends (6 months ago)

Like its previous iteration, the ElitePad 1000 is a well-built tablet that’s also one of the most versatile mobile devices available. And with updated internals, it’s also better equipped to take on more than just basic productivity.But its price is hard to justify, especially when you s... More


Solid specs, accessories allow for flexibility

HP ElitePad 1000

from TabletPCReview (6 months ago)

It seems to us that the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 is trying to be all things to all people. That’s somewhat understandable because business-oriented tablets get used for personal tasks, too, but it means the company has set an almost impossible goal for itself. But that’s at least qualified by... More


Faster, better, still rugged

HP ElitePad 1000

from PCWorld (6 months ago)

It doesn’t get much better than the ElitePad 1000 in a Windows 8.1 business tablet, and kudos to HP for improving what needed to be improved without drastically increasing the weight. It’s fast enough, lasts long enough, and has a capable set of accessories.


Windows tablet with respectable battery life lacks true laptop power

HP ElitePad 1000

from PC Advisor (8 months ago)

If you need to work with Windows programs and need a totable tablet with almost usable battery life, the ElitePad fulfills the job. As a first-choice device that can serve in a laptop role too, it's rather underpowered and will have you yearning for the power of even a budget laptop.


Business tablets don’t get much better than this

HP ElitePad 1000

from Chip Chick (8 months ago)

HP Describes the ElitePad 1000 G2 as the “true tablet for business” and after spending some time with it, we understand why. The 10 inch display on the system offers the perfect balance in terms of productivity, while also allowing the device to be travel friendly. Meanwhile the 4G LTE c... More

A reliable business companion

HP ElitePad 1000

from Notebookcheck (10 months ago)

People trying to find an alternative to a classical business notebook are likely to be disappointed by the HP ElitePad 1000 G2: only a few ports, performance deficiencies, missing features - the list of flaws is long.The actual intention of the tablet is, however, not to replace a notebook. We consi... More


A surprisingly impressive device and the first Windows tablet you must see

HP Omni 10

from APC (11 months ago)

The Omni 10 is powered by the new quad-core ‘Bay Trail’ Atom Z3770, 32GB of flash and 2GB of RAM, but it’s the 10-inch/1920×1200-pixel panel that is the surprise packet here. It’s remarkably good, given the price tag. Battery life from its 8500mAh battery turned out at... More


A mobile internet-capable tablet for a bargain price

HP Slate 10 HD

from Know Your Mobile (about 1 year ago)

The HP Slate 10 HD isn’t a tablet I would buy for myself, but then again I’m somewhat of a power tablet user. It is, however, a tablet I would buy for a child or an older parent who isn’t technically savvy and just wants a device that could get them on the web and allow them to sen... More


Love it but its destroyed by KitKat

HP Slate 7 Extreme

(4 months ago)

The tablet is awesome but since KitKat. The tablet stops responding and it algs at times. Overheats


So far so good..... only have had it about two weeks

HP Omni 10

(about 1 year ago)

I compared this dell venue 8, Asus transformer, Samsung galaxy tab 3, Samsung galaxy note 8 and HP netbook with touchscreen. I am keeping the Omni 10because it is a great little machine. I can use the micro USB to USB female adapter and attach my external hard drive. I can listen to my music that... More


Great for the price.

HP Slate 7

(about 1 year ago)

I bought this tablet,not thinking too much about it based on previous experience with Coby Kyros and Craig Midi. The HP pleasantly surprised me. It does work quiet well for me,browsing via wi fi is actually quite reasonable,camera is good , and not much to complain about. I've used an I pad as well,... More


Incredible upgrade from my last UMPC

HP Slate 500

(4 years ago)

I've only had this for a few days so far but this is an initial review. What I like the most is that the 2 antennas together are MUCH better than the other UMPC that I had -- I can go much, much further from my wi-fi routers than I used to -- and still have great reception. This is one thing that... More


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The Hewlett-Packard Company, better known simply as HP, is a prodigious producer of a wide range of electronic products. Its contribution to cell phones has been exclusively smartphone devices running a Windows OS.

HP is based in Palto Alto, California and is one of the oldest American electronics companies, having been formed in 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard. HP has a deep, rich history of innovation and invention.

HP’s line of iPAQ cell phones are powerful, weighty devices with large screens and significant processing speeds. These are not typical phones for the occasional call. These are business and productivity tools that, while they make up only a small segment of the wireless market, do have a loyal following, due in part to their use of the Windows platform.

While there is much to be said for HP’s line of cell phone products, they appear to remain conservatively involved, at least when compared to the likes of LG Electronics, Sony, and other companies who, like HP, make many different products.

Should HP decide to put its other foot in the wireless water, it could become a stronger competitor to the likes of Blackberry and Apple. Until then, they continue to develop and enhance their iPAQ line of smart phones.

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