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About Wind Mobile

Voice network: GSM, UMTS
Data network: HSPA 1700/2100 MHz

Wind Mobile Customer Service

Mailing Address:
207 Queens Quay West Suite 710 PO Box 114 Toronto, ON M5J 1A7 Canada


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Reviews (3.3/10 Avg. rating)

Good enough especially for the price

from AlphaBeatic (about 1 month ago)

Customer service snafus aside, Wind does seem to have captured just the right aspect of its offering in its current marketing efforts. The company is pushing “piece of mind” as its main selling point, and on that front I couldn’t agree more. My usage mindset changed considerably ov... More

No fess, no contract and unlimited data even with tethering is a great deal

from myCELLmyTERMS (3 years ago)

We now have another choice in the market and competition will be good for the industry. I believe Wind will be a victim of great expectations and they will not be able to live up to them initially. With over $1 billion invested – they have to make money and repay their debts and obligations.&n... More

Weak management and poorly trained customer service reps

from Digital Home (4 years ago)

Wind Mobile encourages deceiving the customer rather than admit problems - from the first sales rep I met to the second line tech support to the supervisor, I was told and promised information and feedback that was nothing more than a lie. The first Wind staffer told me there were better plans... More

Doubled billed but won't get money back

(3 days ago)

I bought an add on to my "unlimited" data plan that would give me a few extra gigs prior to being throttled. I recently discovered that I was being charged twice for this add on. I contacted customer support and they agreed that I was being double billed. They told me that, due to their policy, I... More


Great plans, terrible coverage and worse customer service

(5 days ago)

I've only stayed with Wind as they are the cheapest cell phone provider. They are great for international calls to landlines overseas and if you catch one of their offer plans you pay about $40 per month. Coverage is terrible even inside the home area, and customer service is clueless and refers t... More


WIND RARELY has service in downtown core

(21 days ago)

You will not get service at any busy time in the downtown core (Toronto)- they are overloaded customer service is terrible when I paid $30 to get my phone unlocked, they told me it could take 30 days to get the code and unlock the phone. almost never had any service on phone at my work by the eato... More


Nothing compares to Wind when it comes to prices

(26 days ago)

The price is amazing. I get u.s calling aswell international text. And every feature. I love the missed call and unlimited voicemail option which never expires. Data speeds are fine even in my basement i get 5mbps some areas i get 14 llike in Windsor I'm stiking with wind.


No Service

(about 1 month ago)

There are places, where Winds coverage tells me I have service but I really don't, also the data is extremly slow and takes long to load up 1 simple thing


Signal issues are constant

(about 1 month ago)

Live the plan especially for US calling but I have a lot of clients telling me they can't hear me....every call, everyday. Sorry, but not worth annoying my clients.


Great Service!

(about 1 month ago)

It's affordable and great signal around the GTA!


I hate this because.....

(about 1 month ago)

Wind internet it ' s a joke!!!!! Unfortunately it is a joke on the customers. I purchased wind internet on 7th of May . First day it was buffering every 3, 5, 10 minutes. Second day it was interrupting every 4,5, seconds . If I was lucky after 10 seconds. Never mind about opening more than 1 page.... More


Add Coverage in toronto

(about 1 month ago)

I live at Yonge and College... very limited reception. I work at Queen and Yonge and absolutely ZERO coverage. I can't use my phone at work, I can barely use it at home. I would rather pay double the cost to have a major telecom provide service.


Be careful ...

(about 1 month ago)

The price is right with Wind. The features you get in comparison to the big 3 is hilarious. Wind wins hands down. The problems I'm experiencing are twofold - firstly, they screwed up my registration. I transferred my number from Bell, which took over 3 hours, then the wind employee forgot to ad... More


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