Worst phone ever, well maybe not quite that bad, but almost.


Sure this phone is attractive, packed with great features, easy to use, has great battery life, is compact, and is basically everything you would want in a cell phone. So what is the problem? Quite simply, who cares what the phone can do for you if it is unusable as a phone? The speaker volume is so loud that the speaker vibrates inside the case making carrying on a conversation with another person next to impossible. All you can hear when someone is trying to talk with you, is the buzzing sound of the speaker rattling against the case. This is with the speaker volume turned all the way down mind you. I bought this phone, found it unusable, returned it for a replacement, and found the replacement just as bad. Very soon I am going to throw this phone away and get a new one. Will I get another Sanyo? I doubt it.

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