Sanyo SCP-8100


I recently purchased the Sanyo SCP-8100 3G phone, and I am extremely pleased with it's performance and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 3G phone that overperforms. The only things I would improve are it's lack of faxing ability(Sprint has it hardwired into the unit, so you can only dial #777 for it's data service) & I wish Sprint gave you more in the line of technical information ! I've had a Qualcomm QCP-2700 before,(also a very good phone)and the throughput was limited to 19.2k, but now I am averaging at least 50-60k average with my SCP-8100, built in web browsing too. Not too bad, V.92+ speeds on a reliable CDMA 3G phone, and before I forget I have never gotten one dropped call either. Sanyo keep up the good work !!

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