Good Form, Poor Function


This is a good fitting headset and it looks nice. The problem is that with my BB 8830, I could only get about 10 feet away before the reception went in the basement. I had bought a Plantronics 390 from the Verizon Wireless website that was about the same price and it is smaller, and I can range 30 feet away with better sound quality. If I could only put the guts of my 390 inside a 520, things would be great. When I called Plantronics, they told me they would send a new one to me, but I would have to cover the return postage for the old defective one. No Dice! Amazon covered return shipping, and refunded 100% of my money and I bought another 390 from VZW. Thank you Amazon for great service. Too bad it just wasn't a great product.

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