Virgin Mobile will not Unlock Iphone


Avoid Virgin Mobile like you avoid plague. They refuse to unlock the Iphone you got from them. This is extremely manipulative and unacceptable. Rogers does it, Fido does it, other companies do it but Virgin Mobile does not (as of June 17, 2012).

Avoid Virgin Mobile!!!!!!

  • Hey Peter! At the moment we're not able to unlock iPhones. It's not that we don't want to, it's that we can't do so at the moment. Canadian wireless devices are locked to the carrier -- it's slowly changing, but at the moment we're not able to do so with the iPhone. Sorry about that! Lots of Love, Virgin Mobile

  • Peter_29793 3 years ago

    Rogers, Fido and other are able to do this and you are not... Do you expect me to be sorry for you...? Please give me a break and if you want me to say positive things about you start listening to your customers and start doing (faster rather than slower) what these customers want you to do. Just unlock these iphones, or better yet, do not lock them in the first place. Also, do not great me with "Lots of Love" as the way you treat me by refusing to unlock my iphone makes it abundantly clear that if there is one thing you love about me it would be my $$ and not me... :-(

  • cellphone guy_21963 3 years ago

    I agree, what a scam, if no Canadian carrier could unlock then maybe, but it sounds pretty false when rogers, telus, etc, can. Avoid virgin if at all possible!

  • napoleon 3 years ago

    I am in the us and found out the hard way....shame on you Virgin!!!

  • Pegasus_6827 3 years ago

    do a search on the Internet, I unlocked mine on there for $8.99, well over a year ago, don't tell them your unlocking it, just do a search to unlock cell phones and you will find it. once you pay to have it unlocked, you'll get the unlock code in your email about a week later and explaining how to use it, you will need a new sim card if that phone has one, anyhow, good luck

  • Peter_29793 3 years ago

    Yes, I know/hear one can do it. I have no experience with it but I would guess unlocking it this way would have a number of side effects. You mentioned the SIM card to name one but there are likely others, like getting re-locked if you update the OS or at other occasions. Bottom line is that I (and millions of others) bought the Iphone and should be able to "truly" own it at the end of the contract but those manipulative companies (Virgin Mobile being one of them) first locked it and then refuse to unlock it. That's just capitalism at its worst. It should be plain illegal. I called my MP and complained about it. Problem is that, unlike with the Telcos, my shallow pocket does not make me worth listening to. Still make the noise, call your MP and complain... miracles happen sometimes... Brownie points for Rogers and Fido. They broke the ranks which, at least in this area, makes them clear winners. I hope the other Telcos will learn the hard way. Virgin Mobile is certainly not getting my business again, no matter how much they love me...

  • Don_30751 3 years ago

    Do all Rogers unlock their phones? I wanted to get their Doro Phone for Seniors.. It was a locked phone..they said they do not unlock phones....Help please

  • Guest_13501 3 years ago

    I am emailing Richard Branson, my MP, and CRTC right now. This is ridiculous!

  • Platy 3 years ago

    Im in the same situation. But see this: I phoned Apple and they told me that Virgin bought the iphones with the codes. SO they don't unlock it because they dont want to. Amazing Now I have a $500 useless thing, because I moved to Europe. I filed a complain, but ... Avoid Virgin Mobile. They're a nice provider, but will do everything to trick you and keep your money.

  • Tikt 3 years ago

    Virgin is owned by Bell so what would you expect, The only way to change it is to email CRTC and James Moore the Minister responsible. Enough people write the government will force them to change their ways

  • Peter_29793 3 years ago

    Tikt said exactly what I and I guess many others would say. Frankly I am surprised Rogers (and Fido) changed their approach and now unlock iPhones. After all they are not much different from Bell. Having said that good for Rogers and Fido, I keep them on my list, while Bell and Virgin are definitely on my "do not touch" list. As far as bugging the politicians goes I'd say that my next vote would go to the party that first introduces legislation banning providers from locking phones or forcing them to unlock them. Sure, there is more to life than locked iPhones but I do not think anything else will make the politicians listen.

  • NRG 3 years ago

    Hi! I agree that this practice of locking phones and not even unlocking them after they are paid up in full is unscrupulous. VirginMobile Canada need to address this immediately! The other day I inquired with Telus and they will unlock the iPhone5 for $50 after three months, even on a three year contract. Although the unlock should be gratis at least they will do it! The idea of writing to the correct MP to request a ban on such practice is a great concept in a democratic society, but I'm cynical that anything would happen.

  • NM_85187 3 years ago

    I've recently moved to the UK with an iphone 4 locked to Virgin Mobile Canada and cannot find any company anywhere that is able to unlock it! Has anyone had any luck getting one unlocked by a third party?

  • iPhoneshoppin 3 years ago

    I wont be going with Virgin if they wont unlock iphones. Koodo does - plans are just as competitive too.

  • RC_449 3 years ago

    Same thing happened with me today when i renewed my 3yr contract with upgrade iphone 4 to iphone 5 by paying cost of the phone in 3yrs contract with virgin.I called and got reply that virgin can't provide the unlock code for my iphone4 of existing expired contract and recommended to call Apple directly to get unlock code.When i called Apple for code to unlock(even ready to pay for if any charges)and got reply that its virgin carrier software and nothing to do with Apple for lock/unlock codes.I couldn't understand why virgin mobile call center recommend to call direct Apple .Do you not think that they are fooling the customers.

  • NRG 3 years ago

    I got the VirginMobile Canada (VMC) runaround too. VMC said call Apple. Apple said call VMC. The buck stops at VMC.

  • NRG 3 years ago

    Today, Richard Branson announced Virgin Mobile Canada will be working with the Broadway Youth Resource Centre on Phones For Change and will be trialling 15 phones to at-risk youths. When asked about the choice of network he said, "They can use whichever phone company they want once they get the phone. I think since it will be so cheap to use Virgin, I think it is unlikely to use other phone companies." If VirginMobile Canada supply the phones, I do not think they would get a choice of which phone company to work with! Clearly he is not aware of this locked phone problem.

  • Peter_29793 3 years ago

    I think he is more than aware of that. He will likely get the phones from Rogers or Fido and pay for the unlocking... :-) After all it is public knowledge that "Virgin Mobile does not have the infrastructure needed to unlock iPhones ready"... Homer Simpson would say: it's funny because it's true...

  • Tony_11858 3 years ago

    check out the link below

  • Rick_95641 3 years ago

    I have to say I too have paid off my phone and they refuse to unlock it. Instead some reps say you have to conatct apple to have it unlocked. When I first purchased the phone the rep at the counter told me that it could be unlocked.. what does that tell you about this company. May do unlock them but virgin canada doesn't. I think in the states they do unlock them. Company's that choose and I say choose because they are doing nothing to fix the issue...(if they are doing something it is bottom to the list)should not be allowed to charge preimum prices for iphones on super tabs when they won't unlock the paid off product. It is totally rediculous that canadian law doesn't do anything about this to protect it's consumer. Yes virgin you may repond to this(like we are working on this...Joke) but the bottom line is I was lied to when I bought the phone, and my phone is still locked dispite being paid off.

  • Rick_95641 3 years ago

    Another issue is if you pay off your iphone Virgin will aply some of your bill to another supertab to build up credit...what a joke. Instead of a reduction in bmonthly bill they give a credit so that you can apply it to a new phone and continue the seniaro of being looked into them. Why do they have such a fear of people leaving. I do like their service but this business of not unlocking a phone and referring people to apple is absolute garbage So far my last post is not posted so will this screen caputued one...ftwitter/acebook here I come

  • Richard_97262 3 years ago

    Sending this again Check out this

  • I hate virgin 3 years ago

    I fully paid my iPhone 4 from virgin mobile so I should be able to do what ever I want with my phone... Like if I want to unlock it I should be allowed too... Virgin mobile is not really good

  • moneymasen 3 years ago

    I've been a happy VMC subscriber for just over a year now, and I recommended them to everyone. After reading this I feel kinda sick... how could this be legal?

  • Andrew_14231 3 years ago

    I bought the iphone 4s through virgin and payed for it fully and they will not unlock the phone. This is steeling from people,everyone should get together and take them to court. What good is the phone to people if you can't use it with another provider.i am going to look into this further

  • Aaron 3 years ago

    Guys virgin mobile cannot unlock iPhones it's not their decision, they are a sister company of bell mobility and so far bell has not opted to unlock iPhones via IMEI, I 100% agree its unfair but you are blaming the wrong carrier ask bell why they are the only carrier in Canada not to support unlocking the iPhone.

  • Chelsea_91876 3 years ago

    Virgin Mobile Canada has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. The fact that they will not unlock iPhones is ridiculous. For someone that had a contract with Virgin and paid a ridiculous amount to cancel that contract, you would think you would be the owner of whatever phone that you BOUGHT, regardless if it is an iPhone or not. But no, according to Virgin you are not, they are the owners of your phone and they refuse to unlock it for you to use wherever you please. This kind of service is disgusting and should not be allowed in Canada. Not only this, but the service representative that I spoke to in the complaint department kept repeating the same phrase to me multiple times "It is our policy", instead of answering my actual questions. This kind of service is terrible, and guess what Virgin, you advertise these "awesome" monthly prices, but you should probably tell people when they buy an iPhone that they will never be able to move or use this phone elsewhere. It is a scam! Get with the times and be a real company and provide REAL service to your customers.

  • NRG 3 years ago

    Here is some promising news! But still there's a price. It's as if they're saying "You've had a good deal over the past three years but now you want to leave we're levelling the playing field with a $75 unlocking charge". Four words... IT SHOULD BE FREE!

  • Guest_13501 3 years ago

    'promising news!' really? $75 is not promising news. Hope the CRTC finally comes down on these @$$hats hard.

  • Tarcisio Furlan 2 years ago

    I recently bought iphone4S on Target store at USA. I asked to one unlocked and no contract to use it in Brasil with local provider. Now I back to Brasil and it is locked by Virgin Mobile. Anybody do you know how can i unlock it to use here? Thanks all.

  • Rick 2 years ago

    So has anyone unlocked there phone with virgin canada yet

  • Chris_26819 2 years ago

    I agree AVOID VIRGIN CANADA !!! Even Bell who now owns the company will unlock their phones. I have two accounts with Virgin. One is up in March and I am gone like the wind. The second will soon follow. They make all kinds of excuses but they used to unlock phones but stopped. We pay the highest cell phone rates in the world and have the worst customer service all thanks to the CRTC. who allow companies like Virgin/Bell to robs us and laugh all the way to bank.

  • Kelly T 2 years ago

    I paid $75 to virgin to unlock my phone on December 26, as I was moving from Canada to Australia. Almost 2 weeks later, and after having spent approximately 8 hours on overseas calls to VMC my phone is still locked. The last rep I spoke to (6th call for today) directed me to call Apple directly because they could not unlock it....if that's the case why did they make me pay $75 in the first place? I am so angry. I have been misdirected by virgin reps about 80% of the time. The guy I spoke to at Apple confirmed the phone was still locked, and only VMC would be able to unlock it for me. I am now in Australia with an iPhone that is completely useless, and completely at a loss as to how i should proceed. Thanks Virgin.

  • Rick_95641 2 years ago

    Well check out Apples new ios 6.1 release Notice on apples site that virgin is labled as not an unlocking

  • jumpupnshout 2 years ago

    Is Virgin Canada still playing games? When are they going to stop this unfair business practice?

  • Peter_29793 2 years ago

    It looks like my iPhone 3GS is finally unlocked... My 3-year long contract were to end up about a week ago. I had to extend it by a week because Virgin will unlock an iPhone only if it is (a) active and (b) out of contract. Note that if you cancel the service they will not unlock the iphone as it will not be active any more. The day after my contract ended I asked for unlocking. Someone from Virgin was supposed to contact me in 48 hours but nobody did. I called Virgin and asked again. I was put through to the Prevention Assistance department and they charged me $75 plus tax, did some magic at their end and emailed me a page from Apple web site with instructions on how to unlock the iPhone. A short version of what I did is as follows: 1. Back up the iPhone in iTunes (on my PC) 2. restore the iPhone (factory reset) 3. Restore again this time from the backup I did in #1 above. At some point in the process, I think it was after the factory restore, I got a message on the screen of the PC congratulating me on having my iPhone unlocked. Next day I tried a Rogers SIM and was able to connect and make a phone call. Cheers, Peter

  • vj 2 years ago

    Never sign a contract with Virgin Mobile. Winston Churchil said never get Virgin Mobile never never never get virgin.... I regret I got Virgin Mobile I even referred to 5 of my friends to get a contract. They screwed me hard charged me over $1500 for last 4 months. Hope their company go bankrupt I will be more then happy if all people work for Virgin Mobile lose their jobs. Costumer service people very nice but they are lies all the time. Now they threatening me that they going to delete my phone number because I raged over the phone.

  • jack 2 years ago

    Bell (Virgin mobile) are just like General Motors. They do not understand that poor service eventually leads to bankrupcy !!!!!! Avoid Bell at all cost in Canada

  • maria 2 years ago

    I paid full for my phone up front does this mean it is locked as well??

  • ABDUL HALEEM 2 years ago

    fedup of this virgin iphone5 500$ usless is any body help me out please

  • Rick 2 years ago

    In my experience virgin is still playing games Asked them to unlock my phone. They told me it would cost 75 dollars. I agreed and they said someone would contact us in 2 days. This has been 4 weeks. I was really busy so did not pursue this. In fact I got a google nexus phone for my travel. I set up roam mobility for my wife on it and she actually liked using the phone. Under stand she is not a techie and has only ever owned an iphone. I will pursue this unlocking again next week with virgin, It's bad enough yjey chage 75 bucks to unlock a product that should not have been locked in teh first place. If I bail from a contract I still have to pay for the phone They are like all thebig ones. No real care for cosumer just want money. .

  • Garry_7892 about 1 year ago

    When I signed up with VM back in 2006 Branson still owned the company and I have to say it was by far the best cell company going at the time with great rates and even greater customer service right here in Canada. BUT since he sold out this company has gone for a SHI#! I'm buying this phone outright tomorrow and "jailbreaking" it for free. With Virgin Mobile's SIM card cooked in my fireplace reboots will have zero effect as I wipe this phone clean of Virgin mobile's corrupt stink! Glad I don't have an Iphone like some of you and sorry you're all getting screwed over. VIRGIN MOBILE IS CORRUPT BECAUSE THE OWNER BELL CANADA IS CORRUPT! End of story. AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE LIKE THE PLAGUE. P.S. To any VM reps who read this....Go F$@# yourselves! There's a special place in hell for you people.

  • Raphael_99864 about 1 year ago

    Anyone was able to unlock their iphone? Virgin Mobile US hang up on me today after telling me they couldnt unlock. Terrible customer service. Please if anyone knows how, I'm trying to use the phone in brazil

  • AngryiPhoneOwner about 1 year ago

    Our case & experience/s pretty much the same like every1 else's with Virgin Mobile, have said that, I read somewhere on this page a "Class Action Suit", that an excellent idea! Now if only people yaking and start doing, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED, let's put VM out of business! We should start a facebook page, to collect signatures to launch a class action suit! In the mean time, any and every who's received instructions for "Virgin" aka Bell, please, please, copy POST the ACTUAL instructions on here for every1! Let's stand in solidarity 2gether and STICK it to'em! Sincerely Extremely AngryiPhoneOwner

  • AM Doyle 10 months ago

    Fido is refusing to unlock my iphone unless I buy another three month contract from them.

  • Marlene 10 months ago

    Virgin mobile are scam artists. You buy the Iphone out right, and was told that when the contract was up, the phone will be unlocked to any carrier. What a bloody scam, now virgin says that was wrong and the sales person should never have said that. Well what the hell is virigin's problem, their employees lie and I paid just under $1,000.00 and they won't unlock the phone even though I paid for it :(

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