I have a pay as you go which comes off my credit card monthly. I use my phone rarely to build my minutes. I had around 46.00 built up, when my credit card ex. date changed. Virgin Mobile still took out the monthly payment they also took all my min. When I called they were of no help and said they e- mailed me to get my new expiry date. I really think they do not care about their customers. My phone will only work with them, at this time I do not want to buy another phone. but within the next year I will. I have an old cell with Rogers and I never have a problem my min. just keep adding up. Way to go Rogers

  • Hey Darlene! Sorry to hear if you're frustrated! If you need any help, email us at hello@virginmobile.ca with your details and we'd be glad to look into this for you :) Many thanks! Lots of Love, Virgin Mobile

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