I have never had a problem with Koodo Mobile up until just yesterday. I have always payed my bills on time, online & have never dealt with their customer service before. Yesterday, they decided to deactivate my phone until I payed the full amount. I did so within 30 minutes. I called them to tell them so, & they said they cannot pull up my file because their 'systems;' were down and to call back in 2hours. I did so, by this time.. they could see that I payed the full amount BUT now their network was down & GUARANTEED that my service will be restored within 5hours. Here I am today (day#2) at 7:50pm (around the same time i talked to them last yesterday) My phone is still not activated & when I called they said there is nothing they can do about it & that my phone could be disconnected for DAYS if not LONGER. SO WHY WAS I ASKED TO PAY MY BILL IN FULL YESTERDAY TO GET MY PHONE REACTIVATED? All-in-all the customer service sucks, and i am EXTREMELY disappointed in Koodo.

  • really annoyed customer 4 years ago

    I too am so annoyed with their customer service ,my sons phone has not been sending text messages from the 4 nov ,they told him then it would be sorted within the 24 hr to 72 hr and here we are on the 16 nov and phone still not sorted .I have made a lot of phone calls to customer service and gettin told a diffrent story all the time .Never again will we get another koodo phone in this household

  • WANDA NORMAN 3 years ago

    I need someone from Koodo to call me Please at my home number. I have been trying for 2 weeks now to talk to someone from Koodo . I am very upset with the customer service I have been getting the last 2 weeks..No body can help me they keep telling me different things but no body from Koodo will call. Can someone please help me with a phone number to koodo office, not a call center

  • very frustrated customer 3 years ago

    I have been trying to find out how I can pay my account on line but can't get anyone to talk to. I do not want to talk to a recording that doesn't give me any answers

  • cheryl 2 years ago

    very angry as we set up a prepaid phone for our daughter. was working from dec 20th til today... now its not working... no text no phone... just suddenly stopped. having issues receiving texts and phone calls on my phone also... have had packages forover 3 years and never had an issue before. tried calling customer service several times today and all i get is... experiencing high call volumes... waited on hold for 1/2 and finally gave up.... probably wont get any type of credit for the network issues... if thats what it is

  • Jerry_13090 about 1 year ago

    cant get through. My screen says that I do not have a sim card and my bill is paid. I have had some trouble with this phone and arrangements for a replacement to the one I have now from previous and somehow have bought another contract. When this is done I WILL NOT stay with KOODO and will not recommend same. The people at the kiosk in St. Catharines were helpful but they could only do so much. Now my phone is dead. nly do so much.

  • jofel 5 months ago

    i am looking for 24hrs operators,that i need to speak...

  • florence_27182 28 days ago

    I have worked in customer service and I know the full value of it. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Vanessa at the Erin Mills Town Centre and I am a happy customer because of that patient and knowledgeable person. Koodo is a lucky employer to have her as a team member. I am grateful for her help getting used to my phone.

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