The 4.6-inch display is gorgeous, 12MP camera performs great, and overall the device runs rather smoothly

So, what’s the final word? Well this is a tough one, but I think the price point will sell it. On contract with AT&T for only $99 with a new two year agreement it is tough to dismiss this 4.6-inch 4G LTE device.

While the overall experience with the device was a rather positive one, it did what it was expected to, there were still quite a few flaws that need to be addressed in my opinion. One of the biggest ones is the touch panel on the front for the capacitive buttons, that is a huge downfall and quickly becomes annoying. The second is the camera not having a touch to focus. While the camera has a touch to capture option that still doesn’t allow you to easily focus on a particular object that you want while snapping the picture.

If you live in an area that currently has AT&T’s 4G network live then this is quite a value, Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming to the device, and as stated above the display is beautiful and battery life is sufficient to get you through. The decision is your own ultimately, but don’t pass up the phone just because of some specs on a piece of paper, give it a try for yourself.

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