Superb build quality, awesome camera, decent battery life


If your original HTC EVO 4G is on life-support, and you’re looking to upgrade, look no further. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because I’m the Managing Editor of Good and EVO, either. This phone takes everything that’s awesome about the OG EVO and makes it about 1,000 times better.

If you’ve got an EVO 3D, you still might want to upgrade to this device (I am). The camera alone is light-years ahead of that on the EVO 3D, and I can’t wait for LTE to light up in my neck of the woods. I hear that HD calling is pretty sweet, too, if that ever takes off. And I’m pretty certain that this will get the upcoming Jelly Bean update; I can almost guarantee that the EVO 3D won’t.

That’s not to say the EVO 4G LTE doesn’t have any shortcomings: the design choice on the back is the most obvious, but some people are also apprehensive about a battery that they can’t replace. Sense also has a few quirks remaining, which I mentioned above, but it’s gotten much better – especially if you’re still on Sense 1.0.

The EVO 4G LTE is arguably the best HTC phone in the US right now: it’s got a bigger battery than the HTC One X, and a kickstand. If there was any ever doubt about the worthiness of the EVO 3D to carry on the EVO name, that doubt is gone in this handset. But who am I kidding? If you’ve read this far, I doubt you need any more convincing about how awesome the EVO 4G LTE really is.

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