Solid performance, outstanding voice performance, but camera stinks

The Huawei Prism isn't ever going to be an iconic smartphone that everyone -- or anyone, really -- lusts over. It's not that kind of device. Instead, it hopes to provide a simple feature set in an inexpensive wrapper to those seeking the basic entry-level smartphone. In that quest, it succeeds.

The Prism is no stunner in the design department, and the middling specs will scare off anyone looking for even a moderately capable smartphone. What the Prism lacks in looks and extravagant software powers, it makes up for with solid performance in the core features.

The one real exception is the camera. In short, the Prism's camera stinks. If that's a vital feature for you, look elsewhere.

Otherwise, the Prism does an excellent job of connecting to T-Mobile's network, offers outstanding voice performance, and has enough battery power to keep the phone alive for two full days. Throw in decent system performance and the functional communications tool set offered by stock Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, and you have a fairly good basic smartphone that's well worth the $20 contract price.

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