Although its specs may not be impressive, it's fast, bright and stylish

The Lumia 900 is clearly the best Windows Phone you can buy today, with a sleek design and top performance that rivals the best Android phones and the iPhone. Combine all that with an attractive $99 price, and you have a winner.

Even though it makes some compromises, such as only 16GB of storage with no SD card and no NFC support, those are relatively minimal compared to the strengths of the phone. And despite having a single-core processor, the phone is a snappy performer. In short, you won't give up much for that $99 pricetag.

If the Lumia 900 was an Android device, I have no doubt it would be a top-seller. But given that it's a Windows Phone smartphone, it's hard to know how much of a success it will be. It's a good-enough phone that it could be the smartphone that finally helps Microsoft break into the big time in the smartphone race.

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