Solid build, excellent five-row keyboard, excellent five-row keyboard

The Droid 3 has three things going for it: the top-notch keyboard, the latest Gingerbread Android operating system, and it can easily be used outside the United States.

The well-thought-out keyboard with its offset keys, dedicated number row, and useful arrow keys is a wonderful addition to the Droid lineup. It surpasses any previous Motorola keyboards that we’ve seen. Add to that a good on-screen keyboard, the text-entry features of this newest operating system, and the Android voice recognition, and you have a phone which excels at accepting text data.

Although the Droid 3 is neither the thinnest nor the lightest smartphone available, it is fast, has excellent battery life, and performs most functions well enough to please the average user. Its biggest drawback is the lack of 4G LTE support. Even if you live in an area where 4G is not yet available, it may become available during your two-year contract for the phone. This makes it a little difficult to recommend a 3G phone at this time, especially a Verizon phone. However, if you do a lot of text entry and/or travel overseas, the Droid 3 may be perfect for you.

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