Features two screens, a split keyboard, and the ability to multitask like almost no other smartphone

The LG DoublePlay for T-Mobile is a decent phone. It offers a solid user experience as an Android device, and doesn't suffer from the same performance problems that the myTouch Q does.

With its trick extra display, the LG DoublePlay delivers a little but more functionality than the standard Android phone, but in a limited way. Too few applications are compatible with the small screen, and those that are offer a really limited experience. There's plenty of potential here, but I feel like LG could have done much better. Still, the ability to clear your messages and control the MP3 player without leaving your browser session on the main screen is pretty neat.

Save for poor voice call performance, the DoublePlay handles everything else really well. The question that potential buyers need to answer for themselves is, will that little screen really enhance the way you use the DoublePlay in a way that no other phone can?

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