An entry-level smartphone for first-time users and teens, or anyone looking to bring down their total cost of mobile ownership


Wind Mobile has curated a fine line of low-cost Android devices, and the Alcatel One Touch 908 is a good example of that. With excellent build quality and a robust featureset, it’s an excellent alternative to buying a feature phone on another network. It’s a great gateway smartphone, too; for $120 it’s an effective way to dip your toes into Android without breaking the bank.

As a phone it performs ably– calls are clear and loud, and it’s relatively easy to respond to text messages and IMs quickly. Paired with one of Wind’s reasonably-priced data plans, it can be used as a WiFi hotspot and a turn-by-turn GPS navigation unit. It gets the job done in many other respects, and where it fails it can fall back on its low price.

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