Good deal......


Great use for my money. The phone is bulky, really hard to fit in your pocket, but I like how big the screen is. I was able to sell an audio message with my voice on it, though it cost a little extra (25 cents for me). The speaker is not clear, and I found it really hard to put music on it. You need to buy a usb cable which comes separately to add your music, unless you download them from the internet. I had to convert it, because it only takes music that is 64-bit (I think that was the format, but i'm not completely sure) . The FM Radio looks good, but it continuously keeps shutting off, especially when the phone is charging. The radio can scan, but if you do that, you'll delete all of the preset stations and have to reset them. The text messaging is not threaded, just regular type. It looks kind of like your writing in a composition notebook, because it has lines all over the texting screen. The keys are close together; its find as long as you can get use to it. My phone was black, and gray on the back with a camera.

Let me stress this. Camera was clearer than I thought it would be, but you cannot put more than a couple of photos on it because its memory is low (only 15 mb). You can change the size of the photos, but you need to add extra memory if you want to actually more than a few photos on your phone. Zoom was fine, just takes a lot of practice because it doesn't zoom in slowly, just all at one time. Internet is altered for the phone, but its not to drastically differnet.

Other than that, really good phone. Amazingly detailed calender alarms. Great for beginners. But nothing to brag about to your friends if your one of those people who have fun by texting, instead of talking face-to-face, even though they are right in front of you.

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