Don't waste your money!!


I bought this phone 10 months ago for my daughter. Nothing but problems!!
It was sent for servicing once, and came back with the same problem.............the battery won't last more than 5 hrs on minimal use. Went back again, and they replaced the battery. Same problem after a few weeks. On-going issues with pictures disappearing, not uploading, "freezing", apps not being able to be deleted, memory randomly saying it's full, then back to normal a few days later. Back again, and luckily Koodo upgraded us to a new phone, a Galaxy Ace. Cheaper phone, but no longer a Blackberry.

  • DarrenC 3 years ago

    Totally agree. This phone is useless. Do not get it even if its free. RIM made a big mistake with this one!!!

  • DarrenC 3 years ago

    I am with Fido and they wont do a thing for me.

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