Absolute waste of labour !! Thanks a lot LG!


I can give you all a thorough review of the absolute worst phone I have ever owned! This piece of junk, a total waste of labour on LG's part, is not worth being the prize from Kinder Surprise or Cracker Jacks, ( remember those? ). I have owned this phone now for coming up 2 years. I have sent it in twice for the following reasons: 1, Dropped Calls, I dial the number, push send and wait. When it is apparent that it is not connecting, I look at the screen and it has gone back to home screen. 2, Emergency calls only, happens too often and for no reason. Turn phone right off and then on again and I'm good to go, usually. 3, The MOST FRUSTRATING AND COMMON PROBLEM, ... the phone resets itself, telling me a new sim card has been inserted! I have never done this!! This phone is possessed!! This is important as when this happens, I loose all text messages and alarms!! I have slept in on a workday and lost history on some very important text conversations involving family because of this!! 4, the manual given with the phone is absolute crap! Tiny print, and written by some kid out of highschool who isn't good at spanning the generation gaps to make communication easy for all to understand. This manual is a 2-sided piece of friggin' newsprint, whereas my previous LG phone, had a booklet, very well laid out and sections color-coded for easy access to certain topics! This one-page wonder they give you with this phone, leaves out so much important content, it just leaves you asking more questions!
I have owned 3 LG phones now and the other 2 were great! This one however, is the model you see for sale at London Drugs and several other electronic/cell phone suppliers for sometimes as low as $29.00! There's a reason for everything!! You get what you pay for, right??

Thank you.


Wow! I have had all of those exact same issues. This phone is junk. I'm going to upgrade today.

Ted Savage

i want to transfer photos from internal memory on my phone to my computer'

Rory W

Well, since I registered my complaint, it has taken quite a few phone calls and bantering back n forth but , LG Canada has replaced my phone, past the warranty deadline. I believe it is a 'dud' phone for sure. However, don't be fooled into upgrading at a cost. If you would like the phone if it worked ok, go through the motions and fight the fight. It will take some doing but that's how we win, right? I wonder sometimes if they purposely put out phones like this to get you to upgrade in the first place. It's not that far-fetched really. In any case, at this point LG has come through. I have the same model I had, but that's all I wanted, ... just one that works! Time will tell how this one does but, at least they finally got it. I might add they sent it by Purolator, with a return bill prepaid by LG, for me to send them back my old one, so not bad. We will see if this 'refurbished' one does the trick. Thanks for your feedback out there. Voices always help so keep speaking out and up for yourselves! :-) Cheers!