Worst Blackberry model I ever had.


I have owned 2 blackberries before I got this one and I must say this model was the biggest disappointment. Right away I had problems with this phone. Screen kept freezing, touchscreen would lag and media card reader won't work. I have been warned not to get this model and I regret not listening. Also I hate how there is no lock feature to the touchscreen part while you are on the phone. Put people on speaker and dropped my calls countless times. Now have to wait 2 years to get rid of this garbage and switch to an iPhone.

Do not Recommend this phone at all!

Nick Dean

I too had a few Blackberries before and decided to get the 9900 and I have to also say its the worse BB phone ever! my set keeps hanging and sometimes I cant even make or receive calls on this junker. The only resolution is to take out the battery and put it in again. I am thoroughly dissapointed with Blackberry and will never buy their phones again. RIP RIM.


this is probably the worst 'phone I've ever had.. I didn't want an iphone because I have an ipad and don't like the touchscreen keypads, so I have always had a Blackberry for the keypad.. but I wouldn't but another one after this experience


Well, I have never had bb phone before but thought it is time to get a good one this time. Was not a huge fun of apple, wasn't aware of the android alternatives, so invested in this piece of sh*t, called blackberry bold nfc 9900. Even HTC cha cha is better than this one and costed 6 times less when they went out on the market. First of all it freezes all the time- the only solution is to take the battery out and wait for it to turn on, which can take couple of minutes. Secondly- lack of apps, such as skype for example- if you want to have an access to the variety of applications don't buy blackberry! Third- many small issues, like for example my speaker didn't work for a day- solution- had to take battery out 4 time and it started working, some random buttons do not work- same solution. Fourth, battery doesn't last long at all. I charge it up to 7am and then at 7pm (with minimum uasage) it's dying. As you see it is bad, in addition- browset closes itself down very often, not a lot of memory, video is not synchronized with a sound, it's difficult to fully turn it off, emails come up with a delay, despite of the preferences set up. I have to go with this sh*t for another year, not sure how I will manage that!