Worst Blackberry model I ever had.


I have owned 2 blackberries before I got this one and I must say this model was the biggest disappointment. Right away I had problems with this phone. Screen kept freezing, touchscreen would lag and media card reader won't work. I have been warned not to get this model and I regret not listening. Also I hate how there is no lock feature to the touchscreen part while you are on the phone. Put people on speaker and dropped my calls countless times. Now have to wait 2 years to get rid of this garbage and switch to an iPhone.

Do not Recommend this phone at all!

  • Nick Dean 2 years ago

    I too had a few Blackberries before and decided to get the 9900 and I have to also say its the worse BB phone ever! my set keeps hanging and sometimes I cant even make or receive calls on this junker. The only resolution is to take out the battery and put it in again. I am thoroughly dissapointed with Blackberry and will never buy their phones again. RIP RIM.

  • LLWYD.ANWYL 11 months ago

    this is probably the worst 'phone I've ever had.. I didn't want an iphone because I have an ipad and don't like the touchscreen keypads, so I have always had a Blackberry for the keypad.. but I wouldn't but another one after this experience

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