I am not please


with my LG shine Plus right now. In June it will be a year since I have it. Lately I have been having issues with it. Like other reviews have commented that it will delete all my messages. I have pictures and videos of my grandbabies and a few times, I didn't get to download them and they were gone. Right now I can not text out to people - I get the texts but they don't receive mine. I am seriously looking into getting something different. Also I have had it where my daughter would text me and it would show up that someone else on my contacts list was the one who sent it. I reply back and it goes to the other person and not my daughter. I do enjoy using it but I drive a school bus and I need to keep in contact with the parents and if my messages are deleted, it could not be good and I can not text them back to let them know if I got the message.

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