Awesome phone for the price.


I have used this phone for 4 months. I have to admit I am a cheap Consumer and this phone fit into my budget. The speed of the phone may vary due to carriers. I bought it from Koodo and tried to update a custom firmware to correct the lag issues and "Force Closings". Basically I messed up my phone for a 6 weeks. finally after installing 20 different firmwares I had to settle with a TELUS firmware. With the TELUS firmware the runs perfect and runs fast. I also had to unlock the phone. Which was quite easy and free. Ido have to charge the phone once a day though. I am very happy with this phone now. Mind you it will not compare to an Iphone 3 But honestly I only need to make a few phone calls and twitter and texting.


I got this phone in May and it is a great phone some glitches the battery isnt the greatest but for the price it is AMAZING. A down fall to it is that if you go on youtube or listen to music or search the web it sucks the battery down ALOT. My advice make sure your plan isnt a data plan because as I said battery sucks