I bought this as a prepaid phone for my teenage daughter. I have been a strong believer in Samsung products, having had nothing but great experiences with other Samsung phones over the past 7 years.

This phone however, began acting up within just a couple months of purchase. It would take about 10 minutes to boot when turned on, and sometimes would turn off by itself. We brought it to Bell, they sent it back to Samsung, and within 3 weeks it was returned. It worked better for about a month, then went back to it's original pattern of long boots, and random shutdowns.

I did not learn of this for some months later, because my daughter did NOT want to go 3 weeks without a phone again. Instead, she just never turned the phone off, and tolerated the shutdowns whenever they occured. She also has noted that every single one of her friends that has this phone (and there are many of them) also have the same problems.

Finally, with months still remaining on the 1yr warranty, the phone simply shutdown, and would NOT power back on. I am now trying to get satisfaction from Samsung and Bell. Clearly, this phone is outrightly DEFECTIVE, and I have NO INTENTIONS of sending it away to be fixed, just so Samsung can enable the product to limp through the final months of its warranty, at which time it will wash it's hands of its responsibility.

I don't think this phone is available for purchase anymore, but if it is...DO NOT BUY IT. I give the phone a 9/10 for features and ease of use, but it gets a -9/10 for reliability, for a net score of ZERO. If I get a suitable and reliable replacement phone from Samsung/Bell, I would upgrade the score to 1/10, for their great customer service.

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