ZTE C79 reliable and affordable, by Public mobile


ZTE cellular, model C76 is a very good model; it is sold and served by public mobile, the best provider telecommunication in Canada, reliable and very affordable cost, unlimited calls and unlimited internet connection. Zte cellular model c76 is extra thin, small, visible display with many operations including hearing aid and turning on and off to use games and calculator during flight or in hospitals. It is powered by GPS emergency locator by police in case of emergency only. It could be turned off by turning ON airplane mode, which cuts off transmitting completely. You could send text messages and surfing the internet also. It is very good model and practical.

lg 4600 longterm owner review

I 've had this phone in toronto for the last 6 months switched from telus and paid the 400 penalty from stupid telus while i had no contract and was a good customer. I have to say public mobile gets an A in honesty in pricing and for really saying and having incoming free calls where telus never did as they said for the last 7 years with bills increasing every month for no rational reason, I am happy with public mobile bills but not this particular phone looking for better phone... cause reception and call quality is not all that great.. but the bills are worth staying with the company...