It broke my foot.


I've had this phone for a couple of months now. I usually don't use SMS a lot but today I had to to communicate with someone. ... And that's when I realised how crappy this phone is. Most of my messages wouldn't send and the "Message sending failed" popop is really starting to piss me off. My reception is good I get 5 bars, but it still won't send. The outbox has 4 messages in it at a time and there's no way of knowing which one didn't send...

Also, the phone doesn't always play the music that I put in. It says I have reached my application limit when I'm obviously not doing anything else.

Sometimes the camera doesn't work because when I went in the gallery to see the photos I took and I just lock the phone there, it thinks the camera is still open when I unlock it (even though the gallery is now closed). I have to go back to the gallery and press the "back" button for it to close properly.

Also... I was writing a text message the other day and I broke my foot because I was going down the staircase and missed a step. ... And I blame the phone.


i have the same phone and its been doing the same thing i been on hold with them for about an hour now, it would work for a bit and go back to saying message sending failed.