Don't drop this phone


In Canada this phone is listed as the Galaxy S II LTE from Rogers. Five days after receiving the phone and being wowed by the processors, screen and abilities of the phone, it fell out of my pocket. You'd think the Gorilla glass would withstand a fall from waist high, but when the phone hit the ground, it created a spider pattern crack in the glass. Now my phone is off getting a new screen. I am extremely disappointed that the phone would not take the drop. In Canada we haven't received the delivery of cases for the phone either. If I had an OtterCase or rubberized case, I am sure that this tragedy would not have happened. Lessons learned: 1) I will not buy a phone unless there is a case available; 2) I won't keep my phone in coat pocket unless it is zipped up. The rating that I am about to give is for the screen and screen alone. I truly think this phone is a 9.5 overall, but the screen is 3.

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