Not user friendly


I def made the wrong choice in phones. This phone is not user friendly, and i've followed the manual in order to put music on it without a blue tooth and nothing. I'm very upset with this and there is no one who seems to be able to help with it. Even simple things to change on this phone are difficult to do.

marjory mitchell

I have the same problems the manual is pretty useless.I finally got problems fixed by going to the shop where I bought it & insisting they show me a list of things I wanted explained..I wrote everything down and followed their explanations. The makers are definitely COY in putting stuff you need to know into their manual!


you definately have to figure everything out yourself. The only way I could put music on my phone easily is by bluetooth via my comp or micro sd card. Was very frustrated at first, likeing a bit better now. Finally customized to my preferences. No wyfi.... ...big drawback. I have this phone because as I received it as a gift. Would not buy one. It Could have been a good phone if designers thought about it a little more.

LG lousy goods Flick Funny Fone

ITs a joke of a great phone...manual says it DOES NOT HAVE voice activation....IT DOES....but how to use it is anyones guess and a lot of searching on line does little to help....guess it was a dinosaur before it even got burried...battery lasts less than a day...I thought it was me and finally figured out I had the power save on and no wifi draining the battery...good a first...but then less than a day....not what is advertised.... LG...Lousy Goods....sure glad I didn't pay the 128. Virgin wanted...Virgin ha...they have never been defoiled but defoil everyone else....another Joke Corp.