Pretty good phone :) Not the iPhone, but still pretty awesome for an LG :)


I got this phone back in May/June, and I love it! The screen is a good size, the camera isn't half bad, and the touch screen is sensitive enough for me. I got it with the Koodo Tab, and I have not had any issues with it, except for texting, I find my thumbs are too big for the keys, and turning it sideways makes it awkward to text, so I went to Koodo, and instead of selling me another phone, they told us about Swype, where you drag your finger from letter to letter. It's almost like T9, except better and WAY easier then using the normal keyboard. However, you can't get it in the Android Market, you have to go to the website, and sign up where they will send you an email, and you can download it to your phone that way. Now I love texting on it again, and I didn't have to pay anything! But go for this phone if you want a cheap, but fantastic android phone!! :)

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