Worst phone I have owned.


Pro: Easy to text on. That's about all that I like.

Con: Bad battery. Really crappy memory that does not hold much. When your messages are full, it doesn't tell you beforehand but right as you are about to send the message. Not the best camera, you have to be really steady to make sure it doesn't turn out blurry. Super slow, espicially when you add a new contact and it has to 'sync' never had a phone do that before. When you are on a certain person's message log, and you press call, it calls another person, and not whoever's message you are on.

Using experience: 5 months

At first, I loved this phone. I was so excited to get rid of my iPhone 3g for this. The battery, I thought was great, and it was at first, but slowly it's getting worse. Not to mention the horrible horrible memory, and the slow-ness. Now, I must admit that I did have an 8 gb iPhone, but still, this phone is stuck in 2000. The only thing I like is the keyboard, it's easy and fun to text on, but the whole texting part isn't fun because the horrible phone quality. I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone, and I'm glad it's free. I cannot wait until my contract is up to get rid of this piece of crap. Oh, and it scratches very easily.

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