Basic Indestructable Cellphone.


I got this as a present from my dad 5 years and it still hasn't broken. I've dropped it so many times and it at the most it's only gotten scratched a bit and the battery fallen out. Still works exactly the way it did when I bought it. It's great if you only use your phone for random talking and texting, a pretty useful prepaid phone. Also an effective alarm clock, especially if you use the 3 times after 5 minutes setting on the loudest volume.

A few cons over the years though:
The battery heats up if you're storing it close to you, but it still works fine. Text messages sometimes take a while time to send and receive. Reception is a getting to be a problem too - the older it gets, the harder it is the find a good signal. Now that I'm in university it's harder to get a signal on campus, I end up seeing the no signal screen in most of my classes, and it might be attributed to the phone's age since there's a bell tower close by. Should be decent reception. I also don't like how if there is no signal, there is no time on the LCD window on the front.


Have you been able to find a replacement battery for your phone?