My favorite phone so far. Amazing capabilities.


I have an iPhone, but I just can't get good with the touch screen keyboard. I also don't like that it can't tether or multi-task. So I went shopping for a replacement. I ended up with a T-Mobile TP2 mainly for the keyboard and Windows Mobile. I was amazed at how much more this phone could do. It really is a very portable PC.


The keyboard is the best, the display is clearer than my iPhone (higher resolution). The camera has autofocus and 3.2 megapixels (which are plenty for a camera phone) and it has video voicemail. I will say that I think the video on my iPhone is a bit better indoors.

The multitasking works great. I can listen to Pandora while working in mobile Office or creating text messages or e-mails. I have TomTom Navigator 7 on mine and I can listen to my music on my device through my car stereo and still have the GPS running.

I can also use this as a Wi-Fi router (with WMWiFi app). I let my son use my iPhone but without a data plan, so when he needs internet access he can connect through my phone without it have any effect on me using my phone. You can actually connect up to 5 devices. Very cool.

Another cool feature is that when the phone is connected to my cars Bluetooth system, if I get a text it will read it out loud over the speakers. How's that for hands free safety. Also, when connected to supported audio systems through USB (like all new Lexus's) you can select that it be connected as a mass storage device and it play all your music through the stereo and it charges the phone. You can also control all of your music through the vehicle audio system.

I love how that when you are talking on the phone, if you place it face down on a flat surface the speaker phone automatically turns on. There is also a mute button on the back.

I also like that you can get apps from anywhere; which is a good thing because the Windows Mobile Marketplace is seriously lacking as far as content compared to the Apple App store. There is tons of freeware on the web for Windows Mobile. Also, if you don't know xda-developers forum and you have this phone, it's time to google them.

A big marketing point on the iPhone is the multi-touch display, which I found to be more of a nuisance when using the phone one-handed. The TP2 has a very cool little zoom bar below the screen which makes it very easy to zoom when using the phone one-handed.

A couple more nice advantages: Micro SD card slot, and swappable battery. I also like Microsoft My Phone, which allows you to find (track) your phone from your computer if you lose it, and even wipe it clean remotely for security.


If you are not into technology and just want a simple to use smart phone, this might not be your phone.

No dedicated headphone jack. This actually really bugs me.

I have updated the phone to WM6.5 and Windows Mobile is still not finger friendly, which is why the phone has a stylus. I actually like the stylus, but compared to my iPhone, it is just not as user friendly.

The screen response on my iPhone is better than on the TP2. Part of that is because the iPhone screen is capacitive and the TP2 is resistive, but I also I think part of the problem is that the WM operating system plus HTC TouchFlo requires a lot of system recourses and the Qualcomm processor is a little underpowered (or overwhelmed).

I didn't want this to be an iPhone bashing review and I'm sorry if it came across like that. I just enjoy this phone so much more than my iPhone. My son likes using the iPhone because he is in high school, and in high school image is important and the iPhone is cool.

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