Overall very good phone


I have had the phone for 5 months now. Overall I think it is a very good phone. It does not feel as refined as the iphone, but I have been a T mobile customer for a while and they gave me a good rate ($45/mo unlimited + $25 for data) The t-mobile store price matched amazon.com on the phone.

I am amazed at how useful a smart phone really is, I am always discovering new ways to use it. I like this phone also because it is a cheaper alternative to the iphone. The apps are getting better and more clever.

The phone is very solid, I have dropped it many times. The battery performance was horrible. I upgraded to a larger battery with a larger case which made the phone about 30% thicker and it was already a thick phone. I don't mind, I never put it in my pocket, but I can see how some people would think of it as a brick. Other than the previous battery performance, I have no complaints about the phone.

I like having the real keyboard, and the little track ball, click to enter button works great. The sync with google mail, contacts and calendar works well.

I put a 16gb SD card in for $50.

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