fido sucks and koodo rules


hi i had the lg keybo with koodo for about 7 months. i decided to get the iphone and pay off the tab with koodo. the next day i got the iphone with fido because they don't make you pay the system acess fee and it its cheaper than rogers.I had the phone for 48 hrs because i have heard about their major billing problems and it was a 3 year term. here are some of the reasons why i didn't keep it! have to get a data option to add to your voice plan and its not worth the money because you can get internet cheaper through bell or through someone else.

2.there's 100.00 fee if you get rid of the data add on

3.the iphone won't out last the 3yr term and thats where they get you because you would want to get another iphone and you have to renew your contact or you would have to pay 500.00-700.00 for a new one.

4.and the usual fees to get out of your contract.

i find its not worth the money so i went back to kood and told them my what happened and they helped me get my old number back and a new phone.if you ever sign a contact you hvae 15 to 30 days before the contract becomes legal. the only thing you have to pay is you first months bill.

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